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Loving the Strays 2023

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Balut is a lovely 10 year old Siamese stray cat who was transferred from the SPCA to Love Kuching Project in Jan 2020.

She was suspected to have a neurological injury between the L6-S3 spinal regions. She has hind limb weakness and incontinence which resulted in urine scalding. This required twice daily wound cleaning, oral antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, pain relief medication and and nerve supplements. 

Jan 2023 marks Balut's 3rd full year in Love Kuching Project. Our beloved Balut has since taken her rehabilitative treatment in stride and blossomed into the most well-loved, beautiful and confident cat. 

However, 2022 has not been easy as Balut and some of our other chronically ill resident cats racked up high medical bills due to recurring symptoms and follow-up medical care. Of course, our dear cats are not to blame given the nature of their lifelong conditions. They are bravely battling the likes of urinary tract infections, kidney disease, hypertension, nerve damage, feline immunodeficiency virus, recurring skin disorders, dental issues, stomach ulcers, mouth abscesses and even asthma - so really, we couldn't be any prouder of them! 

In 2022, Love Kuching Project was extremely blessed to receive the support of our volunteers, ex-volunteers, fosterers, rescuers and cat sponsors who went above and beyond to fund these rising medical treatments out of their very own pockets. 

However, with the snowballing medical expenses, inflation and the rise of GST, we have decided that 2023 calls for us to take a leap of faith and bring this appeal to our wider family on SimplyGiving. 

Not only does Balut and her friends need your help to continue with their medical care, we believe that your support will also enable us to reach out to Strays in need of Love over the coming year!

Love Kuching Project is run solely by volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to care for these cats every single day (yes, this includes public holidays!) We believe that we have a safe space, warm hearts and strong hands to provide the care these cats deserve. We need your financial support to confidently embark on the long and arduous road of rehabilitation with more cats like Balut in 2023. Every little amount helps in ensuring the cats receive the best care we are able to provide.

So... Would you help us in Loving the Strays?

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    Thanks for taking care of these kittys and zenn

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