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K9 Rescue Korat

  • Thailand
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Target : THB 200,000

About Appeal

There are many abandoned, stray dogs in Korat, Thailand. Our goal is to get them off the streets, provide them with medical care, and find them forever homes they need and deserve. In addition, we aim to educate the community about responsible care of animals.

The dogs are currently residing in a caring home, but we hope to raise money to start building a proper shelter for them. With the exception of a few dogs and puppies, most of these friends are crippled from hit and runs, street fights, and disease. They can barely stand and most are too scared or hardened for the affection they truly want and need. For every one of the dogs here, there are hundreds more around our province that need help.

Our fundraising goal of 200,000 Baht would be allocated as follows: 
  • 100,000 Baht to start building another shelter for stray dogs (over 3-4 rai of land)
  • 62,100 Baht to cover medical costs for about 20 dogs (Bravecto tick and flea medicine 250 baht per month; spayed/neutered is 300-500 baht depending on the vet; after being spayed/neutered they will need to stay at the vet for 3-4 days at 150 baht per day; cost of food during the time that we cannot find them a permanent home is roughly 3,000-4,000 per month for all the dogs)
  • 4,000 Baht for treatment for a dog with cancer on her nose: (total is 10,000 Baht but 6,000 Baht has already been raised)
  • 5,000 Baht to cover the costs of caring for three dogs who were poisoned
For the sake of these forgotten, discarded animals, please consider contributing in any possible way. 

We thank you, and we know our furry friends will too.

Recent Donors 25

  • Michele Farmilo

    Keep up the excellent work every animal deserves some care and love

    AUD 100 01/04/2020 03:09:46 AM UTC

  • Sally Elliott

    A drop in the ocean to help you build more of a home for these doggies.... Living in Thailand, I know what a struggle it is for these poor fellows. Thank you, with all my heart, for caring so much and DOING something about it! I applaud your sterilization efforts too! Well done, and know that there are many who stand behind you in spirit <3

    THB 4,000 06/06/2019 05:52:03 AM UTC

  • Eddie Tuen

    A small donation. Hopes this goes a way to help the little ones in Korat. :)

    MYR 100 02/09/2019 08:02:47 AM UTC

  • Heather, Phil, Russell, Auggie, & Zoey Webster

    Thank you again for your generous donation! Love, Addie

    USD 40 01/11/2019 01:21:30 AM UTC

  • Addie Weller

    I made a donation in your name. Merry Christmas Addie! Tara xoxo

    USD 100 12/22/2018 07:26:05 PM UTC

  • Georgia Patterson

    Lovely cause! Hope you rescue many more dogs and puppies!

    GBP 5 12/07/2018 08:54:34 AM UTC

  • Nick Stacey

    Because they’re more than just dogs. More than just a pet.

    THB 2,500 11/25/2018 11:56:01 AM UTC

  • Brad Weller

    Addie and Justin - so happy to support your efforts! love, Dad

    USD 50 11/21/2018 03:03:02 PM UTC

  • Debbie Grotheer

    From one Addie to another... you make me proud!

    THB 600 11/03/2018 04:06:58 PM UTC

  • Peter Donovan

    USD 50 11/03/2018 01:27:49 PM UTC

  • Magi Colby

    USD 50 10/23/2018 05:07:53 AM UTC

  • Dylan Dow

    USD 20 10/17/2018 01:23:48 PM UTC

  • Magi Colby

    USD 25 10/11/2018 05:40:46 PM UTC

  • Emily Weller

    Thank you Addie and Justin!! Give them all the love you can ❤️

    USD 50 10/09/2018 03:07:00 AM UTC

  • Daniel Johnson

    From the states with love.

    THB 800 10/06/2018 04:59:05 PM UTC