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URGENT FUNDS: Help For Agus' Funeral & 30,000 Evacuees

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Dear Friends,

At Bali Kids we currently face two immediate funding issues. The two issues are connected.

Sadly, two days ago at the age of seven, our beautiful boy Agus passed away. Agus put up a brave 12 month fight against his illness but has now lost the battle.

Gede Agus Dika Pratama (Agus), 15 Oct 2009 to 26 Sep 2017, rest in peace

We would like to give Agus a modest but respectful funeral. 

He fought with dignity and deserves a final farewell with dignity.

The only survivor of Agus's family is his Father, who is a very poor farmer. The family are from the East of Bali and lived all their lives under the shadow of Mount Agung. You may or not be aware, the villagers from this area have been forced to evacuate due to the current 'active' status of the volcano. His Father is now in a shelter in Singaraja at a location considered safe.

Poor Agus cannot be taken back to his Village which is the normal custom. In death all Balinese return to their Mother Temple and Village. This is an important part of the culture. Another solution will need to be found, however we will ensure Agus takes all of his belongings, toys, clothing etc to his next life.

Alongside Agus's Father, over 30,000 Balinese have been evacuated from their homes and villages, including children, due to the potential eruption of the Mount Agung volcano. 

There is an urgent need for medical assistance and food. This is our second funding issue.

We cannot respond to this call without funding. This immediate demand financially extends beyond our means. Government health workers can only do so much.

For Agus, his Father and other Villagers we seek your help. We appreciate many of you are regular donors so do not expect more. However if you have friends or family who love Bali, please ask them for their help. They can make a tax deductible donation through Global Development in Australia and the US or through Angels For Orphans in Hong Kong. Details are below.

On behalf of all the children of Bali we thank you for considering our request.

Click the "Donate Now" button (above) and give what you can. 

Help spread the word to friends, so more people can give. 

Wishing you well,
The Bali Kids Team

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