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Help This Filipino Teen Mom Go Back To School

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A while ago, Asian Boss interviewed Jojie, a 15 year old Filipino mom, to highlight the issue of rising teenage pregnancy in the Philippines. If you haven't seen the video, please check it out ►
Shortly after our video went out, we received heartbreaking news that Jojie's baby died. He was barely 2 months old. We at Asian Boss were all shocked and saddened by what happened to Jojie. And we felt that we had to do something to help her out, so we decided to go back to meet with Jojie. The $1,000 that we gave to Jojie will cover for her school-related expenses but that's not going to last. To ensure that she's able to complete her remaining 8 years of formal education, we've set up this crowdfunding page so that you can donate money to help make this goal possible.

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  • Sonam Tibetan

    USD 15 10/11/2019

  • Anonymous

    USD 25 19/10/2019

  • Maylin Miranda

    USD 5 19/10/2019

  • Anonymous

    Hope you have the education that you deserve.

    USD 5 19/10/2019

  • John Jung

    USD 10 18/10/2019

  • Diane Kim

    USD 25 17/10/2019

  • Heather Henderson

    USD 20 13/10/2019

  • Reeham newaz

    USD 100 13/10/2019

  • Maite Cenoz huarte

    You are a wonderful strong woman. I hope you are well and healthy, enjoy studying at the school. You deserve to be happy. Hope you the best Take care

    EUR 100 13/10/2019

  • Tung Ly

    USD 25 13/10/2019

  • Micole Davenport

    USD 50 13/10/2019

  • Anonymous

    Every penny counts. Let's help those in need and be grateful that we are in a position of giving rather than receiving. May God bless you all.

    GBP 15 11/10/2019

  • Rene

    As a university student, I feel the importance of learning and studying every day. I hope Jojie can use this money for HERSELF. Love and support from Japanese in France.

    USD 10 11/10/2019

  • Mariano Rico

    USD 7 10/10/2019

  • Laurel Richards

    Bless you Jojie and your future.

    USD 25 09/10/2019