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Me and my siblings are knocking on your generous and kind hearts for possible help you could lend to us.Our family was a victim of a horrifying and tragic fire incident which devoured our house and cost the lives of my three ( 3 ) family members. I can't imagine the agony and sorrow they must have felt during the accident. The fire started in our residence at Joanna Homes Subdivision in Lapu-lapu City,Cebu Philippines last January 6, 2019 early Sunday morning. As per Bureau of Fire Protection investigation,the fire started between 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM and was suspected to have been caused by an electrical fault through a short circuit.The fire broke out on the first level of the house. It happened at a time where most of the people were still asleep. The fire incident has cost 3 lives of my family members which included my mother Rosalinda Armilla ( 57 y/o ), niece Aaleyah Jeanne Inoc ( 7y/o ) and cousin Desiree Joyce Quiseo ( 15y/o ). They were suspected to have discovered the fire on a late stage and got trapped inside the house. They may have panicked and shouted for help but the smoke could have hindered them from being heard due to difficulty of breathing. It took only less than an hour to envelope the whole house with fire. Their bodies were recovered on the room near to the front terrace where they tried to escape,there dead body found laying down on the floor just below the window. They've had the most tragic death any person could ever imagine. An untimely death where they have not expected to happen. A kind of death no one wishes to have. According to medical investigation, their cause of death was ASPHYXIA ( lack of oxygen ) by suffocation. It was the smoke that took their life. Their burnt bodies were recovered an hour after the fire was declared out. The rescuers saw that my mother ROSALINDA ( 57 y/o) was hugging my niece AALEYAH ( 7y/o ) and the DESIREE ( 15y/o ) was found beside them. It was the most heart-breaking-scene because of their condition. Their bodies was cremated. And now I am still experiencing traumatic stress where the tragedy keep flashing back on my mind, but we need to stand up and move forward with our lives despite the tragic accident we've gone through. We have lost our loved ones and also we have lost our house a place to call a home. Now me and my siblings were staying temporarily in a rented house. And after searching, we finally have found a new place where we can live permanently and where we could build a house again but it is lack of fund. A house made of light materials will do which probably cost less than a full concrete house. We are in need of financial assistance which was brought about by all expenses incurred to them. A part of the money will be used to pay off some debts. Any amount you decide to donate will be very much appreciated and it will make a huge difference in our lives and most of all PLEASE offer your prayers for my family as our means of spiritual help. Together, you can help our family rise up again after hitting rock bottom.

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