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Hi everyone,

I'm Cassy, short for Cassiopeia. I'm a 32 weeker (premature baby) and weighs 2 lbs and 14 oz. I'm my mommy and daddy's 1st child and little fighter.

My mommy was doing well and healthy during her 1st and 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester came and everything change. My mommy had intense swollen feet when I was 29 weeks in her womb, our doctor then told my mommy to get rest from work for a week. At my 30th week, during our weekly check up, my mommy had a BP of 160/90 which then the doctor advised her to get an ultrasound and urinalysis, later that afternoon the doctor called mommy and told my mommy that she will need to be admitted so the doctors can monitor us closely now - my mommy was diagnosed with preeclampsia.

Things happened so fast that my mommy and I spent two (2) weeks in the hospital. My mommy was then admitted to the high-risk pregnancy section of the hospital due to my mommy's unstable BP. Sometimes she gets 140/100, but most of the time she gets 160/90, and then 190/100 happened - that's when my doctor decided that I should be out from my mommy's womb, I was only 32 weeks.

I'm currently in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) growing and completing my weeks in the incubator. Day by day I'm doing a great job there. From the oxygen support which my pedia discontinued on my 2nd day because I was so brave that I can breathe on my own to the 10ML breastmilk intake (from 1ML) because I can't wait to grow and be with my mommy and daddy. My body is coping up with my progress and developments and would love to see the world and mommy and daddy in a few weeks time.

However, hospital bills are now starting to balloon, my mommy and daddy are running out of budget. I'm thinking maybe to raise funds and get help from your kind heart. Any amount is a big big BIG help for my mommy and daddy.

Thank you, everyone.

I will be out there soon!

With So Much Love,

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