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Help Our Single-Parent Families Through This Pandemic

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Our social workers at Yayasan Chow Kit have identified and verified these 5 single parent households that are struggling to make ends meet and provide for their children, largely due to the pandemic and the movement control orders (MCO). We are targeting to raise enough to provide a RM200 per month allowance for 3 months, for each of these families. And also to help one of the families (Puan Sal) with rent too. In total, we hope that you can help us raise RM3500 to provide some relief to these families as they cope with these challenging times.

The families that we are supporting are:

Encik Wan, a single father with 3 children aged 10, 11 and 14. En. Wan and his 3 boys have been beneficiaries of YCK during this pandemic. He was a grocer’s assistant in a market, but the work has been severely reduced due to the movement control and he has lost his daily wage. Despite the hardship, En. Wan and his sons have been grateful and committed to the assistance that they have received from YCK.

Puan Sal, a single mother with 5 children, 2 are in primary school, 1 pursuing higher education, and she also has a 3 years old and her youngest is 3 months old. Pn Sal had suffered emotional abuse from her ex -husband and was treated at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. She previously worked as a part -time office cleaner with a monthly income of just RM120, and even this was lost due to the pandemic. She relies on aid to support her family, and we hope that we can continue to help Pn Sal and her 5 children.

Puan Ros is the mother of 3 children, all three are in secondary school. Pn. Ros previously earned RM1500 a month. But their household income dropped to rm500 a month due to the pandemic. This has severely affected Pn. Ros ability to pay for the monthly house rent and other costs, as she is the sole breadwinner of the family.

Puan Zai is a single mother of 2 teenagers who are still in school. Pn. Zai's eldest is a special needs child. The three of them live in a rented room. Pn. Zai lost her job due to the pandemic. She is still in the process of finding new work, so that she can support her family, pay for the rent and their daily needs.

Puan Ha is a single mother with two children. Because of health reasons, Pn Ha is unable to commit to holding down a full-time job. With the help of her son, Pn Ha started a small burger stall, but it was only temporary when the authorities closed her stall on the grounds that she did not have a license. Pn Ha's son is still looking for work. Her daughter is in school. A little help will ease their burden through this challenging period.

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