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Help Mohd and his family get through MCO

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Mohd is a Rohingya refugee (UNHCR card holder) who has resided in Malaysia since 2013, alongside his wife and now 6-year-old son. He previously has been working as a fish shop assistant at a local market (pasar borong).

Unfortunately back in October 2019, Mohd was involved in an accident that hurt his leg and required him to undergo an operation. Since then, Mohd’s movements have been limited to his wheelchair and his doctor has noted that he would not be able to walk again as per normal, even with the best recovery.

Being bound to a wheelchair has definitely affected Mohd’s ability to earn for his family as his wife is unable to attain employment due to language barriers.

Being unable to walk meant that he is unable to work in the aforementioned fish shop, which has caused him to accumulate a 6-month-rental debt and medical debt. 

This sudden loss of income also implies that he is now unable to send his only child to school due to his inability to pay for school fees.


Here at Yayasan Chow Kit, we recognize that Mohd and his family require immediate assistance and kindness to help them pay back their debt and survive through MCO. His son should also not lose out on an opportunity to attend school.

We are currently fundraising a total of RM 9000 to help cover their living expenses for a year. The total of RM 9000 is broken down as follows:

  • Rent: RM 350 x 12 months = RM 4,200

  • Groceries: RM 200 x 12 months= RM 2,400

  • Outstanding medical fee: RM 840

  • School fees for Mohd’s son= RM 720

  • School transportation fee for Mohd’s son= RM 840

We welcome any amount of donation, small and big, that can help alleviate the burden from Mohd and his family. This donation would allow Mohd to recuperate and spare time for him to restrategize his next move post recovery.

Thank you in advance for your kind generosity.

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