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hi, I am Mashhudi, I am a growing wedding photographer, mid-2018, I was hit by a debt online loan of 50 million rupiah or approximately 4500-5000 US dollars I've been looking for other ways to pay off all my debts so that I can get out of this problem, I look for work here and there without time and fatigue, so I do an online driver for my debt debt paid off, day after day I pass every night I heard the cries of the wife who said that they were not strong enough to face this problem, the assets that I had were only 2 Sony A7 cameras and other equipment, I took the initiative to sell but all that was my wife and my livelihood, and at the end of 2018 my debt piling up, inevitably I have to sell all of my photography equipment which is my livelihood, on this page I beg for all my help to help me pay the remaining debt and buy my photography equipment back, my wife and I really need help, I need 50 million rupiah or 4500 dollars to complete all this, Thank you

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