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New Updates 20 March 2022

The house is done renovation and the family is safely moved in. (New update picture in the galleries) 

Updates 1July 2021

At 80%, the renovation of the Chin family’s house is nearing completion! Progress was delayed due to the ongoing MCO, but rest assured, the team is working hard and trying their best to speed up the process so that the Chin family can move in as soon as possible!

Hi there!

First and foremost, thank you for taking time out of your day to read about this campaign. I’m Lansson and I have a story to share with you.

FYI – All the proceeds from this website will go directly to the Chin Family’s account. Kindly refer to photos above for account details. (Name: Koo Yok Kion / Mrs Chin – Bank Acc No.: 5015489028 PBB)

YouTube Video of the House Overview:

The Volunteer Renovation Company

Business Name: Scale Space Works

Business Registration No.: 002965645-A

Person-in-Charge: Ong Xing Kai (012-3953699)

The Backstory

It all started when I was trying to sell off a used refrigerator. An acquaintance mentioned that one of his staff needed a new refrigerator but was unable to afford one. I decided to just give it away to the family. When I went over to deliver it, I was shocked by what I saw, even from the outside. I asked if the family would allow me to take a look inside their house as the movers carried the refrigerator in. We then had a short chat.

The Family

Mrs Chin (Koo Yok Kion), 53, works as a kitchen helper and earns just over RM40 a day. She rides to work on a bicycle as the old Proton Saga in the driveway is beyond repair. She works in order to support her husband, now 63, and young son, soon turning 13. Mr Chin used to work as a factory worker, but after having a stroke years ago, he has since developed problems with his vision and now requires a walking stick to get around. Mr Chin has been unable to find another job at a factory since. Their son, Ming, will be starting secondary school next year and is a straight-A student. Both father and son have biscuits or noodles for lunch when Mrs Chin is at work during the weekdays. In the evening, Mrs Chin brings home leftover rice and a simple dish from the restaurant or two boxes of takeaway mixed rice shared between the three of them. With barely enough money for themselves after paying the bills and Mr Chin’s hypertension medication, it was unlikely that they would be able to save enough money to fix the house in any capacity.

The Building

A front door hanging off its hinges. Wooden walls ravaged by termites. A rusty tin roof with large sections blown away over the years. Water gets in when it rains, as mould-ridden stains mark the ceiling throughout the house. In some rooms, planks of wood are positioned as makeshift support beams to keep the roof from falling, but parts of the house were already crumbling. Last year, Ming had been infected with dengue, possibly a result of all the openings to the outside throughout the house and windows without netting, exposing the family to mosquitos.

The Follow-up

I visited the Chin family a week later to help the family move and dispose of all broken and unused items from the house with a group of friends. One of them was a contractor who, after going through the house, said that one section could be renovated and be made safe to live in as it had stable concrete walls. The rest of the house was unsalvageable. However, while he was willing to do the renovation at cost price, he would not be able to bear the full expense. This is where I come to you, dear reader, to perhaps consider contributing towards the renovation cost. Ultimately, what we hope to achieve is to provide the Chin family a safe space to live in.

This building might look like a house, but will you help us make it a home?

 Recent Concerns

Since starting this campaign, we have received questions regarding the house and land ownership. Please be assured that we are also working together with legal advisors who are willing to help pro bono, so the Chin family may continue to stay on this piece of land. With regards to house ownership, it was passed down from Mr Chin’s grandmother to himself and his brother. However, around 20 years ago, Mr Chin’s brother had passed away. His then sister-in law remarried soon after and changed her and her children’s last name. There was one day when Mr Chin’s sister paid a visit, but only to ask for a share of the land. Mr Chin requested that she change back her children’s last name to Chin before discussing any further, but she declined this request. She has since never visited the Chin family again and has decidedly moved on. While this story has its fair share of family drama, at the end of the day, our main priority is to help provide a safe living space for the Chin family.

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