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Urgent food relief for Orang Asli communities whose employment and income have been disrupted!

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About Appeal

1. 28th March: The Global Peace Malaysia team have changed the food relief amount from RM100 to RM50 worth of food per family in order to accommodate to more OA families. 

2. 2nd April: With generous help from our donors and corporate sponsors, we have exceeded the initial fundraising amount of RM25,000! However, a growing number of OA villagers are still in dire need of food relief and have been requesting for help. Therefore, we are now increasing our fundraising target to RM50,000.

3. 9th April: With your generosity and commitment to supporting our OA friends, we are excited to announce that we have exceeded our fundraising target of RM50,000! We are now increasing our fundraising target to RM100,000 to provide more food relief to those in need, benefitting a total of 2000 OA families. Although the MCO is scheduled to end on the 14th of April, we want to ensure that OA families have enough essential food to tide them over during the window period as they make the transition back to work. This will significantly ease the burden of OA villagers, allowing them to put food on the table and keep their funds afloat as they concentrate on getting back into work.

4. 24th April: We are both excited and humbled to announce that we have exceeded our target of RM100,000! However, our work does not end here as the MCO has been extended yet again to the 12th of May. Although the 1st round of food aid has been distributed, many OA families are stretched thin from hanging on to food supplies that was meant to last for 2 weeks. As such, we are looking to raise a total of RM200,000 to provide for the 2nd round of food relief! For a full report on the #raiseforfood donation campaign, please click the link here:

In the days and weeks ahead, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) will continue to present enormous challenges to the lives of underserved communities across Malaysia. With rising unemployment and income disruption, some of our most marginalized orang asli communities (OA) are receiving the greatest blow.

Global Peace Foundation has been working with underserved OA communities in the Pekan and Rompin districts in Pahang since 2016. We have worked with over 70 villages on projects related to access to clean water, energy and education. Most of these communities that we work with are categorized as hardcore poor, earning as little as RM300-600/month on average. We are currently in touch with OA communities and have been told that some families are in dire need of food relief. As such, we are looking to fundraise RM200,000 to provide 4,000 sets of food relief for OA families. 

During these times of uncertainty, many of us are not able to do much other than to practice social distancing and stay at home. However, we can still support each other. Every little bit of help that you can give will provide immediate relief for those who are struggling and have been greatly impacted by this pandemic.

The Issues

  • Many OA villagers rely on ad-hoc work for income. Without any work, a majority of OA villagers will no longer be able to bear the expenses of purchasing essential items such as food.
  • Many OA farmers' income are also be affected as they are now unable to sell products such as serai, petai and rubber due to the MCO.

The Solution

  • Provide food relief for 4000 OA families.
  • Each family will receive a total of RM50 worth of essential food that will last for up to two weeks.
  • Essential food items include rice, flour, sugar, cooking oil, bihun, biscuits and salt.
The Impact

  • Ensure that 4000 OA families across Pahang will have enough food until the MCO is lifted.
  • Provide 4000 families with some ease of mind during these trying times.

Please help by either donating and/or sharing this plea to the public so that we may have enough to support our Malaysian brothers and sisters during this trying time.


1. Are you sending food relief directly to the OA villages?

In order to comply with the MCO and avoid risk of infection, we will not be traveling to OA villages. Using our OA village database and contact with local community organizers, we have identified villages that are in dire need of assistance. We will then make orders to the closest or most frequented grocery store by the villagers. A village representative will then pick up the groceries from the store and distribute them in the village.    

2. Will 100% of donations be accounted for?

Transparency is of utmost importance to Global Peace Foundation Malaysia. 100% of the funds raised will be channeled as food relief for our beneficiaries. At the end of the campaign, an account will be reported to the public to show how the fund has been spent. For a full report on the #raiseforfood donation campaign, please click the link here:

3. What essential food will families receive?

With RM50, each family will receive: x1 10kg Rice, x2 1kg Flour, x1 Sugar, x1 Cooking Oil, x2 Bihun, x1 Biscuits, x1 salt. This will provide enough food for one family for at least two weeks.

4. Why are OA villagers fleeing into forests?

Although the deadly Spanish flu swept through communities a century ago, the unknown nature of Covid-19 is striking similar fears among many OA communities. As such, they are moving into the forest to protect themselves and to search for food. However, due to deforestation, many OA villagers are faced with food insecurity.

5. How can I help?

You can help support our fellow Malaysian brothers and sisters by donating to our appeal on SimplyGiving or by sharing our plea to the public. Every single cent will be channeled to providing food relief for OA families.

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