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WWF Haze Emergency Appeal

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Thank you to our supporters who donated so generously to our emergency appeal -  an incredible $28,000 was raised in just over a week. These donations will help provide medical supplies, safety clothing, pumps, fire extinguishers and safety masks to the communities.  

Emergency Appeal: Help Support local people and Wildlife from forest destruction 

While we were able to reach our initial funding goal, more support is needed for local people and wildlife in Indonesia.  If you have not donated yet, please give $50, $100, or $200 to help rebuild forests, train locals on how to mitigate fire in peat land, and build our stockpiles of emergency supplies before the next haze causing forest fires hit again.

Worst Forest Fires

In Indonesia, people fought against the worst forest fires in decades. The haze had gone to dangerous levels that the Indonesian president declared a state of emergency over several provinces – closing schools and airports.  

Orang-utan Forests in flames

Several thousand fires have also penetrated deep into primary forests and national parks, the strongholds of the remaining wild orangutans. Alarmingly, 358 fire “hotspots” have been detected inside the Sebangau National Park, where WWF has worked for many years with local communities to protect the world’s largest population of nearly 7,000 wild orang-utans.

The people are in crisis

The situation has a considerable impact on nature and the health of local people, including WWF staff. These are the people that work every day - with your support – to protect the forests and it’s wildlife from unsustainable logging, land clearing and illegal burning for oil palm plantations.   Many residents suffer from severe headaches and respiratory problems caused by the acrid smoke. Some have also risked their lives in anti-poaching patrols – to stop illegal wildlife trade. 

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  • Tim K

    This is a really important initiative that we should all support, and be proud of our local WWF for their tremendous efforts. But we must also protect and treasure ALL of our natural environments which too often we are prepared to sacrifice in the name of progress and "prosperity". The haze is just one wake up call...

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    By giving a helping hand, it will make the world a better place to live for us!

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