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COVID-19 response in Cambodia by CTOD and NOD

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Please note that we have closed this project. Any further donations to this project will be channeled to other WISE needs.

Thank you for your contributions! The funds raised have been transferred to our partners and they have carried out the following activities.

21 December 2021: Outreach on Omicron
In response to the Omicron outbreak, CTOD and NOD held training sessions at Svay Sor village, Boeung Tim village and Phnom village. The sessions covered advice on how to stay safe, proper mask wearing and social distancing, and ensured that residents understood the right way to wash their hands and the Omicron variant.

Participants who came to the sessions were given:
1 box of masks
1 large box of soap
3 posters on protective and hand washing
A pamphlet on how to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection

Post-session, we found that participants’ knowledge on the new variant and how to protect themselves increased by 35%.

28 April 2021: Outreach on Covid-19
CTOD and NOD gathered representatives from low-income households in various villages. Together with staff from the commune health center, the Department of Women’s Affairs, as well as the commune and village chief, CTOD and NOD spoke with each group about the outbreak and how they could stay safe. Each person also received:
10 masks
4 pieces of soap
Poster with information on COVID-19 preventive measures

In addition, CTOD and NOD passed posters to the village chief to distribute to households in the village that they were unable to meet.


WISE is seeking funds for our partners Community Training for Development (CTOD) and Neakpean Organization for Development (NOD) to respond to the community outbreak of COVID-19 cases in Cambodia.

The worst outbreak to date

The third and largest outbreak of COVID-19 in Cambodia to date started on 20 February 2021 after 32 people tested positive in just over 10 hours (1). Since then, as of 27 April, the number of reported COVID-19 cases have almost doubled to 10,555 and counting. As of 27 April, Cambodia recorded a total of 79 COVID-19 deaths (2). 

Cambodia’s Health Ministry and the World Health Organization has called on residents to take COVID-19 health precautions ‘seriously’ (3). They warn of ‘potential lockdowns and overwhelmed healthcare facilities if the current outbreak is not stopped’. The current outbreak has been stated to be caused by the more transmissible B117 variant (4).

Rural communities are inadequately prepared

With more cases being detected everyday in new districts and provinces, it is vital that communities take necessary measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19. During previous visits to the village and after talking with the village chiefs, CTOD and NOD found that people were generally unaware of how to protect themselves from COVID-19. Additionally, people in rural areas who have yet to encounter the virus, may not be as well-informed of how the virus is transmitted or what the symptoms are. Furthermore, poorer households are also more vulnerable, as they have difficulty affording masks and soap necessary to minimise the risk of contracting the virus.

CTOD and NOD will be implementing activities in Svea Village and Boeung Tim Village in Battambang province and Phnom Village in Tbong Khmum province respectively, where WISE has been active for the past few years.

Why these villages?

WISE has been supporting both villages for the past few years, and plans to continue working with them on community development projects once the situation is more stable.

Phnom Village in Tbong Khmum province is home to about 150 families. Since 2016, WISE and NOD have been working with the village to increase access to sanitation. Most recently, we provided subsidies to five low-income households so that they could construct latrines for their families. Read our activity report here (5).

Svea Village and Boeung Tim Village in Battambang province are home to 679 and 755 families respectively. WISE has been working with CTOD to find ways for the villages to address the drought issues.

Scope of financial support

Our initial aim is to raise USD 2,000 to cover the following activities:

- Masks and soap for low-income households = USD 747

- Printing of posters and banners encouraging safe distancing, mask wearing, and hygiene = USD 486

- Renting of microphone and loudspeakers to conduct community outreach = USD 150

- Transportation and meals for team members = USD 400

- Transfer charges = USD 67

Additional funds raised will be used to continue COVID-19 prevention activities as needed, and possibly to extend medical assistance to low-income households affected by COVID-19. If our partners do not require these funds, we will channel them to other WISE activities throughout Cambodia, Indonesia, or Singapore.

Project support

WISE will remain in close contact with CTOD and NOD throughout to jointly reflect on the progress of activities, assess emerging needs, and provide technical support if required.


Photos from the activities and materials procured will be shared on a regular basis. To reduce the administrative burden on our partners, we will not ask our partners to submit any reports, but will gather updates through direct messaging and phone calls.

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