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Fund local community patrol to protect Cambodia’s endangered wildlife today!

Donate $50 to sponsor one member of the Community Wildlife Habitat Patrol

Local communities are a vital component to all successful conservation projects in Cambodia. In collaboration with local authorities the protection of important bird habitat relies on empowering communities to take responsibility for managing and protecting their natural heritage. SVC has been supporting local communities in collaboration with WCS, through a participatory approach, to establish a locally-elected village committee which would govern all aspects of ecotourism and, importantly, all land management in the village area. Community protected area patrols involving 10 to 15 community representatives at a time form a key strategy for communities to prevent illegal logging, and land grabbing incidents around their village. SVC assists financially in supporting these patrols by donating funds to a Village Development Fund (VDF) which is allocated with technical support from WCS to strategic patrolling activities to deter future deforestation events.

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