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Call for Donation for Chemo & Radiation Therapy for Mommy Bing Guadayo

Raised So Far PHP 2,400
96% Complete
Target : PHP 2,500

About Appeal

Hi there! We are humbly knocking on your kind hearts for support for my mom’s chemo and radiation therapy for her cervical cancer (stage 3b). 

She will be undergoing 6 sessions of chemo and 28 daily sessions of radiation therapy. Insurance will pay partially for most fees, but she only has around 30k left in her insurance. Every dollar or peso would mean so much as only I and my little sister are working for now. If you are in no position to help financially, we understand and kindly request to please do include her in your prayers. We believe God is bigger than any illness. Thank you so much and may God bless and keep you!

We approached PCSO and got some help. Also a lot of people reached out! Bless their hearts! Thanks so much! 

As of 22 June
Breakdown and Particulars:

Chemo: HMO will cover up to 90K
Daily Radiation Therapy: PHP110K 
Brachy Therapy: PHP 223K

Doctor’s PF per session: 
Chemo : all paid 
Radiation : 20K (Brachy) 
CT Scan: 29K (2x)
MRI: 24K 
Other follow up/monitoring tests: PHP 40K
Other possible fees (local and foreign bank transfer fees, etc. 3%)
Simplygiving fees: 5%

Total around: PHP 489,000

Less Direct Donations: Thank you all sooo much!
(As of 22 June)
Dei   : 10,000
Tony : 10,000
Kristine : 10,000
Vanjie : 1,000
Engraciou: 3,000
Teng: 2,500
Allan : 5,000
Chin: 500
Joy : 5,000
Armando: 1,000
Michael: 1,500 
Louie: 30,000
Patty: 1,000
Ynah: 6,000
Bernadita : 1,000
Sarah: 30,000
Dhan: 7,500
Chari: 5,000

Medical Bills:            PHP 489,000
Less donations:                 130,000
Remaining To Fund :     359,000

as of 28 Aug 2019

By the grace of God and the help of his angels here on Earth who generously and sincerely extended financial support for my Mom's therapies, we were able to finish her Chemo, Linac (daily rad for 25 days), Brachy Therapy (almost 250k), and paid her doctors' fees. Super thank you to Richard and Jane for filling in so much of what we lack and to Dei, as well! Thank you all so much!  We are very very grateful. You have blessed us and my mom with another chance with life. I can't thank you enough.

*These are the cash out necessary after Philhealth and her HMO. Originally, it was higher, but we managed to negotiate her Doctor’s PF’s. And her HMO was able to cover some fees already, hence, it’s almost used up but will be renewed on Monday. Transportation costs are also not included.

Kindly also note that if you choose donation to go to beneficiary, SimplyGiving adds and rounds off the credit/debit card fee of 9% to your donation so that for example, if you donate Php 200, you will be paying Php218 and website will take note of Php200. Then, we will receive around Php 190 (200 minus 5% simplygiving fees + less bank fees 3-6%). You may uncheck this box, too.

If you also wish to send your donations directly to avoid the fees, you can deposit to Metrobank: 

(International Donations)
ACCOUNT #: 494-3-494-53928-5
ACCOUNT NAME: Margarette Olano
Bank Address: West Service Road corner Don Jesus Blvd., Alabang Hills Village, Muntilupa City, 1770 Metro Manila, Philippines
BANK PHONE #: +63 2 772 2536

(Local Donations)
BDO Savings
Account number: 011260034370
Account name: Katrina Guadayo Adiova
Cellphone no.: 09171689823
BDO Branch: Xentro Mall, Sta Ana

BPI Savings
Account number: 3229241639
Account name: Belinda G. Guadayo
Cellphone no.: 09152126787
BPI Branch: Sta. Ana Pedro Gil

Or you may also kindly contact us at +639998813062 (Maggie). 

Once again, thank you for your kind support. God bless!

Maggie, Kat, and Jimbee

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