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Hello, my name is Rakan Emad Tabiah, from Palestine, Gaza. I am an international university student who came to study here in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur at UCSI University. Currently I am a 4th year Mechatronics Eng. Student. I started this fundraising because I am looking for help to complete the rest of my tuition fees only for this current semester (Jan-Apr). As I now owe the university an amount of 5000 Malaysia Ringgit which is equal to around 1000 US Dollar. The reason is I cannot pay this amount due to my family's hard financial situation. They told me that they cannot cover me for the rest of the amount. I did everything I could to solve my issue,believe me. I asked for my university to help me, asked my embassy. But all refused to help me because of their unfair policies. This month I have to renew my student visa, and my university will not allow me unless I complete my outstanding fees. And of course since I cannot pay all this amount ,(5000 ringgit), my visa will be cancelled and my study career will end after I have spent 4 years studying in their university. I tried everything I could to settle the problem but none was helpful to me. This is not fair. I am almost done with my study and this is how my university treat me . I am a very good student, my current CGPA is 3.05 and my attendance is above 80%.
And I can't apply for scholarship. I barely have pocket money.

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