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Puan Zebadeh Binti Jali is a sweet spirited lady of friendly disposition who has seldom ventured out of her birth place of Banting, Selangor. At the age of 57 the relatively young grandmother to a grandson and a granddaughter has in addition brought into the world 2 adult sons and 2 adult daughters. Currently, she is staying with her youngest son and her mother in Banting.

However, Puan Zebadeh’s movements are fairly limited as she cannot afford to be away from her home for long periods of time. Much that she will like to go visiting faraway places she is handicapped by the inconvenience of having to undergo haemodialysis on alternate days for three times a week with each time lasting three hours. On top of it, even after each session of dialysis treatment, she often feels worn out thereby leaving her with little or no energy for activities including cleaning the house and carrying out household chores.

As you can see, Puan Zebedah’s 2 kidneys that are supposed to filter the wastes of her body have completely failed when she was 37 years of age after giving birth to her youngest son. This affliction further aggravated her family life as earlier while she was hale and hearty, her husband made up his mind to part with her and her children. She, thus, had to face the additional whammy to rely on the dialysis machine to survive for the natural course of her life unless there is the possibility of her receiving a matching donor kidney. Even then, when opportunity beckoned, she had to undergo a series of tests to determine the compatibility of her body system to a potential donor kidney. Sadly, her body was unable to withstand the rigours of the tests in Selayang Hospital with the result that the hospital authorities advised her that the option of a kidney transplant was out of the question. Under such disheartening circumstances, she was lucky to have the moral and financial support of her siblings. She used to work as factory worker near Klang before the chronic kidney disease caused her to stop working.

For all the woes in her dialysis, she is very thankful to NKF for accommodating her in her dialysis treatment since 1997 with the staff of the dialysis centre treating her with much humility and professionalism. “I really appreciate the caring attitude of the NKF which often organises social gatherings to bring about greater social interaction amongst not only the patients and their families but also the staff members themselves.

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