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For our dear friend Maks

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About Appeal

Our good friend, family member and colleague Maks has had a tragic motorbike accident in Phuket Thailand on 30th July 2019. He suffered Traumatic Brain Injury called "Severe Diffuse Axonal Injury" and has been in a coma ever since at Vachira hospital in Phuket. He was in ICU for 20 of those days.

Currently, His health is stable but  is still on a breathing machine.

His family have flew over and have been by his side during this difficult time of his life.
They are now trying every effort to come up with the funds to bring him back home where they can be by his side and provide him with the care he needs until such time as he wakes up. 

The hospital issued a travel clearance for him but he will be needing a full medical team and equipment to travel back home.

The amount to bring him back home will be around $40k plus around $20k in hospital bills. We are seeking to raise the money for Maks and his family and would greatly appreciate any financial support that can be given.

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  • Nana Thananichanant

    THB 2,500 09/25/2019 03:58:48 PM UTC

  • Parvaneh and yassi azizi

    Get well soon

    USD 100 09/15/2019 03:22:25 AM UTC

  • B E

    Get well soon!

    EUR 100 09/10/2019 07:51:40 PM UTC

  • Sherry Irandoost

    امیدوارم زودتر سلامت بشید

    AUD 10 09/10/2019 07:51:16 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Get well soon Amir Hossein(Maks) Jan! ♥️

    USD 100 09/07/2019 04:22:06 AM UTC

  • A Hejazi

    USD 25 09/06/2019 08:09:40 PM UTC

  • Chris Giuseffi

    Thank you Said Shisha for your support. We pray for you “Maks” Hosein ♥️

    THB 2,500 09/06/2019 03:38:51 PM UTC

  • Chris Giuseffi

    Thank you Said Shisha for your support. We pray for you “Maks” Hosein ♥️

    THB 2,500 09/06/2019 03:12:55 PM UTC

  • Edna Agbunag

    Nothing is impossible with prayers, love and courage. We are hoping to see you back on your feet in no time. Never give up and wishing you a speedy recovery.

    USD 50 09/05/2019 10:12:09 AM UTC

  • Ali Babai

    We love you

    USD 200 09/05/2019 04:20:51 AM UTC

  • Mahshid Moini

    Get well soon Will keep you in my prayers

    USD 50 09/04/2019 02:50:15 PM UTC

  • Glenda Ong

    USD 100 09/03/2019 11:49:02 AM UTC

  • Chris Giuseffi

    Thanks to Nico Shisha for your help ♥️

    THB 6,000 09/02/2019 04:01:53 PM UTC

  • Chris Giuseffi

    Be strong my friend, you will come back to us ♥️ Thanks to Sam Mars, The Villa Residences Patong.

    THB 2,500 09/02/2019 02:23:41 PM UTC

  • Shahrbanoo Irandoost

    AUD 5 09/02/2019 12:15:15 PM UTC