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Proposed NASOM Intervention Centre in Lunas, Kulim, Kedah

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As a charitable NGO, NASOM has to seek public, philanthropic, business and corporate donation and contribution to help us open an Autism Intervention Centre for the benefit of children with autism and their parents. There are currently 50 parents in and around the town of Kulim, Kedah who are in need of affordable intervention, education and care services for their children. Your donation will help NASOM open a centre in Lunas, Kulim, equip the centre, and fund the centre's initial running cost for at least 10 months. The cost of providing autism intervention, education and care services is high due to labour intensive and specialised nature of the services. Each qualified and trained teacher can only handle up to 3 students at maximum depending on their severity levels. We need 7 teachers to care for 20 students and provide support to their parents. Public donation, contribution and other kinds of support are needed to make our programs affordable to low income parents.

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  • Mohd Zaharuddin

    MYR 150 01/10/2017 06:15:38 AM UTC