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Sponsoring an elephant at Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary is a powerful way to make a meaningful impact on the lives of these majestic creatures and support vital conservation efforts. By becoming a sponsor, you contribute to the sanctuary's mission of partnering with local communities to bring elephants home to the forest. Your sponsorship helps provide these elephants with a safe haven where they can just be elephants.

Moreover, your support directly contributes to their daily care, medical needs, and enrichment activities that promote their well-being. Plus, you'll receive updates and a personal connection with your sponsored elephant, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for them. It's a chance to make a real difference in the lives of elephants and the world they inhabit. By sponsoring an elephant at Kindred Spirit, you join a community of compassionate individuals dedicated to preserving these incredible beings and their natural habitat, ensuring a brighter future for both elephants and the forest.

Because of the strict regulations concerning PayPal in Thailand, we have shifted to utilizing this platform for receiving donations. Your contribution today will ensure that you receive monthly updates on the well-being of Dodo, Gen Thong, Too Meh, Mae Doom, Boon Rott, Sri Prai (along with Junior!). Please consider donating now to stay connected with the progress of these elephants and support our sanctuary's mission.

Recent Donors 102

  • Jake Hare

    USD 20 05/26/2024 12:29:50 AM UTC

  • Gary Hogben

    GBP 10 05/22/2024 12:29:51 AM UTC

  • Kunsang Ling

    THB 1,300 05/17/2024 03:47:52 AM UTC

  • Rasa van der Sluis

    EUR 25 05/10/2024 04:15:01 PM UTC

  • Karen Conway

    EUR 100 05/10/2024 07:15:12 AM UTC

  • Molly Beacock

    GBP 5 05/09/2024 08:25:17 PM UTC

  • Monica Casper

    USD 10 05/09/2024 12:29:52 AM UTC

  • Neil Goodall

    THB 3,000 05/06/2024 08:22:08 AM UTC

  • Wendy Doyle

    AUD 38 05/05/2024 12:29:48 AM UTC

  • Philip Harnage

    USD 30 05/04/2024 02:43:06 PM UTC

  • Jake Hare

    USD 20 04/26/2024 06:37:18 AM UTC

  • Gary Hogben

    GBP 10 04/22/2024 01:19:13 AM UTC

  • Kunsang Ling

    THB 1,300 04/18/2024 09:16:14 PM UTC

  • Rasa van der Sluis

    EUR 25 04/10/2024 12:58:53 AM UTC

  • Monica Casper

    USD 10 04/09/2024 03:56:57 AM UTC