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About 900 children of Filipino soldiers are orphaned each year and they need your support. At least 50 children, on top of HERO Foundation’s existing scholar base, apply for stipend allocation each year. To date, we have supported a total of 2,430 military orphans.

Comprised of the best and the brightest, the HERO Achievers Circle is a comprehensive scholarship program which provides allowances for tuition, board and lodging, books and school supplies, clothing or uniform, and transportation.

Currently, our scholars are receiving the following stipend from HERO Foundation: Elementary Level: P5,000/year; High School Level: P8,000/year and; College Level: P20,000/year and; Vocational Course: P25,000/year (max of 2years).

HERO Foundation believes that these children can become employable and productive members of society if they are given proper educational support. The stipends that the Foundation provides help in the day-to-day expenses of these children. Stipends are given per year in elementary level and high school, per semester in college levels and upon enrollment for vocational courses. Stipends are spent on school supplies, transportation fees and, other miscellaneous school expenses. Without these funds to compliment other scholarship grants that are given by the Government to beneficiaries of military personnel, it is more difficult for the children to sustain their schooling.

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    We are so grateful for the service of your parents and we hope that through this small deed, it will help you take the right step towards a brighter future.

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