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Help BEES bring more elephants home!

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About Appeal

Please donate or fundraise for us to enable more elephants to be rescued, retired and receive the care they need. 

We need to raise funds to enable BEES to rescue and retire more elephants in need. Having a ready pool of funds will help us negotiate more effectively with the elephant owners and enables us to bring elephants home to BEES. Time is always of the essence and we want to bring these gentle souls home expediently so that they do not have to work for humans and humans can now work for them. Your support will help us make this happen.


As of the 1st October 2017 we launched a facebook campaign to raise 100,000THB for Fluffy the elephants budgeted transport expenses. We have used this page to collect the funds needed for her transport. We have now used the 100,000THB to cover her transport expenses. The page will continue to be open for donations to help us help more elephants in the future. Any funds over 100,000THB are now funds to be kept aside for future elephants. Please keep spreading the word to help us help more elephants. Thank you!


Lanna is a working elephant, she is blind in one eye (from sling shot injury), suffers digestive troubles due to old/damaged teeth and is a little slim. 

As of December 2018, we are racing against time to raise the funds to retire Lanna before she gets sold on to further work in the New Year. We are hoping to raise 1 Million THB which will cover the cost to buy Lanna, her travel and medical expenses and a couple months wages for her new caretaker. 

Please help us in our race against time to give Lanna a happy Retirement  

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  • Suzanne LaFord

    USD 55 21/01/2019

  • Carolyn Pettit

    USD 250 17/01/2019

  • Jean-Christophe

    For this noble cause. Thanks to all of you. Keep making this world a better one!

    CAD 25 16/01/2019

  • Anonymous

    Sweet Lanna, i hope you get to taste freedom in your final days.

    AUD 100 16/01/2019

  • Anonymous

    EUR 45 Good Luck!

    EUR 45 16/01/2019

  • Christine Crowe

    For Lanna’s retirement

    AUD 25 16/01/2019

  • Una Griffin

    Good luck with raising the funds necessary to rescue Lanna. She deserves a lovely retirement after her hard life.

    EUR 50 15/01/2019

  • Sabine Zell

    I hope she is rescued ❤️

    USD 100 15/01/2019

  • Mimi Anzel

    If Jodi Thomas says this is good, it's GOOD! ;-)

    THB 650 15/01/2019

  • Christine Morrissey

    THB 2,500 15/01/2019

  • Anonymous

    USD 100 15/01/2019

  • Anonymous

    THB 3,196 15/01/2019

  • Jane DeAngeli

    God bless the rescuers and the elephants.

    USD 150 15/01/2019

  • Tash Hayles

    AUD 100 15/01/2019

  • Deanna Labella

    USD 10 15/01/2019