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Help BEES bring more elephants home!

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About Appeal

Please donate or fundraise for us to enable more elephants to be rescued, retired and receive the care they need. 

We need to raise funds to enable BEES to rescue and retire more elephants in need. Having a ready pool of funds will help us negotiate more effectively with the elephant owners and enables us to bring elephants home to BEES. Time is always of the essence and we want to bring these gentle souls home expediently so that they do not have to work for humans and humans can now work for them. Your support will help us make this happen.


As of the 1st October 2017 we launched a facebook campaign to raise 100,000THB for Fluffy the elephants budgeted transport expenses. We have used this page to collect the funds needed for her transport. We have now used the 100,000THB to cover her transport expenses. The page will continue to be open for donations to help us help more elephants in the future. Any funds over 100,000THB are now funds to be kept aside for future elephants. Please keep spreading the word to help us help more elephants. Thank you!


Sadly, Lanna the elephant we were fundraising for is no longer being sold. Please see the BEES Facebook posts to understand why:

We are now fundraising to rescue 'An Elephant Living under a bridge' begging for sugarcane and giving rides in high season. PLEASE DONATE, without having funds readily available we miss out on many opportunities. *RETIRED*

UPDATE: On March 6th 2019 , we were able to retire Mae Dok , we did not raise all the funds needed via Simply Giving and we managed to secure a loan, we now need to replenish borrowed funds of 600,000THB and continue to fundraise to ensure we have funds available if a new opportunity to retire another elephant arises. Thank you for donating to the elephant rescue fund. 450,000THB of the funds raised as of March 2019 went into the retirement of Mae Dok - 'An Elephant Living under a bridge'

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    Thank you for all you do for your beautiful elephants BEES xx

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    To the most wonderful colleague and friend. You will be missed so terribly by everyone whose life you touched. I am so happy that I had the pleasure to know and work with you xxxxx

    THB 1,000 03/04/2019