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Please help us get our fridge truck on the road! This 5 tonne beauty will be able to ferry good, nutritious fruits, vegetables and dry goods from supermarket partners to our charities in the Klang Valley. We could potentially feed 1,000 mouths a day! But we need help. We need RM250,000 to cover our runnings costs for the first year of this endeavour, which will pay for our petrol, toll, insurance and driver. We will also use these funds to run our warehouse/food bank. There are so many hungry families, kids who go to school without breakfast and mums who can't feed their babies. Please help us reach these people. Our volunteers are striving to get food to those who need it, but our personal cars and strength can only go so far. We need this truck. We need your help. Please share this page, or pledge to raise some money and start your own page! Or donate now. Choose your options below. We are so thankful to you!

The Lost Food Project was started by a group of volunteers under the PINK umbrella. We are passionate about feeding starving people as well as reducing food waste. Our ultimate goals are to: a) have a warehouse, b) have more trucks on the road to get more food to more hungry mouths and c) ultimately have food banks across the nation. Please help realise our goal. Thank you so much.
Our current list of beneficiaries who receive food from us 1-3 times a week are: Lighthouse Children Welfare Home, Kechara Soup Kitchen, PERTIWI Soup Kitchen, Institute Onn Ja'afar feeding program, Women's Aid Organisation, Malaysian Social Research Institute, Association of Chin Refugees - with more waiting to come on board.

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  • Cheryl Low

    The Lost Food Project is doing great work!

    MYR 150 12/22/2016 02:06:22 AM UTC

  • Chong

    The best way to pursue happiness is to help other people. Nothing else will make you happier. - George Lucas

    MYR 25 11/28/2016 05:04:08 PM UTC

  • James Beltran

    MYR 150 11/23/2016 06:47:44 AM UTC