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Qantas, a 7-week-old puppy, urgently needs your help. We need to raise 35k to save his life. 

Recently rescued and adored by his fosters, this sweet boy is now struggling to survive. He has been hospitalised at Pet Central North Point since the 3rd of May. The vet team has done every applicable test and scan, and while we still don't know the exact cause of his issues, it appears to be failing kidneys. This very good (and super cute!) boy's only chance to make it,  is if he can stay on fluids until he can get to a point where he can stay stable. His foster family visits him daily and while he is surrounded by love and support, the hospitalisation fees alone are $1000 a night, and we can't keep helping him without the financial support from our followers.  As a charity that currently has more animals than ever before (and more than we budget for) we are not able to commit to keeping Qantas at the vet, which is the only way he will have the chance to survive. 

Could you please donate towards his medical expense and help to save his life?  


這個可愛的男毛孩最近被救助,並被寄養者所喜愛,現在正掙扎着要活下去。自5月3日以來,他一直在北角寵物中心住院治療。獸醫團隊已經做了所有適用的測試和掃描,雖然我們仍然不知道牠問題的確切原因,但似乎是腎臟衰竭。這個非常好的毛孩確實有機會活下來,但前提是我們能繼續給牠提供所需的治療,並希望牠能達到一個能保持穩定的狀態。牠的寄養家庭每天都來探望他,雖然牠被愛和支持包圍着,但光是住院費一晚上就要1000元,如果不能得到粉絲的支持,我們就無法繼續幫助牠。 作爲一個目前擁有比以往任何時候都多的動物的慈善機構(也超過了我們的預算),我們無法承諾讓Qantas留在獸醫那裏,這是牠唯一有機會生存的方法。


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    HKD 500 05/15/2023 12:50:34 PM UTC

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    Sharing my luck with u Quantas 🧡

    HKD 100 05/15/2023 06:55:07 AM UTC

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    HKD 100 05/14/2023 09:04:26 AM UTC

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    HKD 500 05/14/2023 07:32:57 AM UTC

  • Cheong Ping Gan

    Get well soon little Qantas, we love you ❤️ Ping & Bodhi

    HKD 800 05/14/2023 04:43:01 AM UTC

  • Thea Burden

    HKD 200 05/13/2023 01:28:10 PM UTC

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    For Quantas

    HKD 1,000 05/13/2023 03:56:32 AM UTC

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    HKD 1,000 05/13/2023 03:22:56 AM UTC

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    Good luck Qantas

    HKD 200 05/13/2023 03:19:07 AM UTC

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