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Hoping to raise some much needed cash for abandoned children in Cambodia. Please support me by donating.

My Story

On 25 June I'm embarking on a significant physical challenge - riding the Great Divide mountain bike route from Antelope Wells, New Mexico to Banff in Canada (  It's 2,750 hard fought miles (4,400 km) with 200,000 feet (65,000m) of climbing (equivalent to 7 x Mount Everest) across some pretty unforgiving terrain (90% off-road).  My 3 friends and I target to complete the trip in 25 days so this works out at roughly 110 miles (180 km) / 8,000 feet (2400m) climbing per day.  Those of you who've ever ridden a bike will know this distance/elevation is not easy, even on nicely paved roads with a lightweight bike.  We'll be fully self-supported and carrying all our gear (tent, clothes, bike tools/spares etc.) with us.  In other words, our bikes weigh as much as baby elephants!  

My chosen charity is Angels for Orphans, which is doing fantastic work to improve the lives of children in South East Asia - see above link for more details. One of their chosen partners is the New Hope for Cambodian Children charity which cares for children whose lives have been impacted by HIV.  They have a residential village outside of Phnom Penh which provides holistic care to around  220 orphans and abondoned children. The plan is for any money I raise to go towards a new school bus for these children for field and recreational trips.  

Any donation would be much appreciated - and if you could find a way of making the donation on a "per mile" basis (or a bonus for miles completed) that would be a great motivator!  Just mention it in the comments box and I'll be sure to follow up with you.  There will be some dark moments, saddle sores, numb hands/feet, cramps, England failing miserably in the Euros etc. and the thought of a bit more cash for the Angels if I can just get back on the bike for a few more miles will be important.

Thanks so much :)


Recent Donors

  • Richard Holloway

    HKD 2,000 09/16/2016 01:47:02 AM UTC

  • Elvin Tharm

    HKD 511 09/13/2016 12:47:27 AM UTC

  • Paul Pang

    Great effort Phil!

    HKD 1,000 09/12/2016 08:11:36 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Well done great achievement and nearly at your target

    HKD 1,000 08/27/2016 09:58:56 AM UTC

  • Hamish Delves

    HKD 1,000 08/12/2016 03:54:28 PM UTC

  • Richard Feehan

    Well done Phil, great achievement!

    HKD 1,000 08/10/2016 12:08:17 AM UTC

  • Jie Cui

    HKD 500 08/09/2016 11:40:00 PM UTC

  • Stan Feng

    HKD 888 08/09/2016 03:54:02 AM UTC

  • Jonathan Gove

    HKD 1,000 08/09/2016 01:00:37 AM UTC

  • Jacques Goulet

    Congratulations Phil!

    HKD 500 08/08/2016 02:15:36 PM UTC

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