Please support me keeping Hong Kong waters clean by donating :-)

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Dear friends,

I am super stoked that you will be joining to celebrate my birthday cruising Hong Kong's waters with music, champagne, wake boarding and other fun stuff! 

Please don't stretch your minds trying to find a gift for me - I am perfectly happy being surrounded by amazing people on my special day. If you would like to do something special on this day - please donate for good cause - keeping our oceans clean of plastic is very important for me as a scuba-diving enthusiast and I would appreciate your donation to "Plastic Free Seas" - a Hong Kong local NGO helping to keep our waters clean.

Looking forward to an amazing day trip together!


Recent Donors

  • Josh & Lucy White

    kill all the straws!!! :)

    HKD 500 04/28/2019 03:58:17 AM UTC

  • Olga Anna Olga Anna

    HKD 400 04/27/2019 02:23:55 AM UTC

  • Tracy Guo

    Support for Andrey and the NGO !

    HKD 500 04/25/2019 06:48:59 AM UTC

  • Vish Desai

    Avoid 'single use plastic' (e.g. plastic spoons, forks, straws, plastic bags and water bottles). That'll already a help the cause in a big way!

    HKD 500 04/24/2019 10:19:29 AM UTC

  • Sarah Giannino

    HKD 1,000 04/20/2019 12:56:37 PM UTC

  • Andre

    HKD 500 04/17/2019 01:54:43 AM UTC

  • Olivia Ho

    HKD 200 04/16/2019 07:58:04 AM UTC

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