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Being forced to leave their homes and security for a completely foreign country makes refugees and asylum seekers (RAS) some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Those who arrive in Hong Kong are often marginalized by society, and unable to work to provide for their families or simply put food on the table. Many suffer from a loss of identity and are also recovering from traumatic experiences. 

Branches of Hope (formerly VCSL), a non-profit organization associated with The Vine Church, is committed to being a beacon of hope to the most overlooked and ignored in our society in HK. They do this by helping to meet their physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs. Their programs help to restore, advocate, provide, and create community for these groups of people. 

100% of all the money donated here will go towards the RAS ministry's Financial Assistance program, which provides support towards room rental, transportation, and medical needs. Branches of Hope currently supports over 600 Refugees and Asylum Seekers to regain dignity and hope. I've personally come across many RAS friends at The Vine and they truly are a light and joy to be around.

You can find out more about the RAS ministry here:

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