Birthdays are important to me as it is a day to celebrate life. Instead of birthday gifts, lets celebrate my birthday by donating to the cause closest to my heart--for children, especially those vulnerable, to ensure that their dreams lit brighter than ever, and their rights are uphold. Donate now. Even RM 10 will make a difference!

My Story

I love birthdays, and for me Birthdays are the most important day in my life as it is a celebration of being alive and living. But this year, instead of gifts and cakes, I would like to celebrate my birthday by fundraising for a cause that I believe in the most, for all children. So donate any amount you can-for the betterment of children!

Full disclosure: Yes, I am working at UNICEF Malaysia, but, it goes to show... I believe that the work we do is helping children, especially in places that is in most dire need. So do join in!

Recent Donors

  • Chooi Ling Lau

    Many happy returns Amalina! Keep up the good work at UNICEF.

    MYR 100 02/25/2022 11:59:49 AM UTC

  • Pamelyn Tan-Corsi

    MYR 50 02/25/2022 09:38:49 AM UTC

  • Tkc 83

    From aunties of TKC83

    MYR 2,000 02/25/2022 09:05:35 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 150 02/25/2022 12:55:21 AM UTC

  • Raja Mazlena Raja Aziz

    MYR 92 02/24/2022 11:30:36 PM UTC

  • Sherine Poh

    MYR 20 02/23/2022 09:07:12 AM UTC

  • Shermaine Sim

    MYR 75 02/22/2022 05:59:47 AM UTC

  • Blanca PR

    Happy Happy Bday!! Thanks for allowing us to contribute to a better future for children! Have a great celebration!

    MYR 200 02/22/2022 05:50:55 AM UTC

  • Shani Ling

    Have a blessed birthday Amalina.

    MYR 50 02/22/2022 03:14:00 AM UTC

  • Riana Rozlan

    Happy birthday Amalina!

    MYR 50 02/22/2022 01:29:22 AM UTC

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