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My Story

Greetings! My name is Lea (preferred name), 51 from Sabah, Malaysia.  I’m married with four children, aged between14 to 21.  We started a small business in August 2017 as sundry shop, and at that time our target market is the local residents at the village where we live.  As time progressed, we decided to expand into food production as a home-based business. Thus, we produced some food products in early 2018.  In September 2020, we were offered our food products to be listed into the local supermarket. We're offered 6 outlets to start with, and that just nice to get us started. We’re grateful for the opportunity, at least our food product been recognized by the local market here in Sabah.  In early 2021 the demand increases, with additional outlets as well. To meet the demand, we need further expansion. We’ll need a proper production house to produce larger quantities. Therefore, in January 2022, as part of our efforts to comply with supply demands, we rented a medium-size production house. Throughout the process we receive collaboration inquiries from outside Sabah.  But we're aware that it’s not easy to get the deal closed due to supply compliances. Despite, we continue to provide our best.

Unfortunately, in October 2023, the landlord decided to take back the unit we rented for their new business planning. Therefore, our business started facing difficulties as we've to hold on to our production. In the short notice, there've been challenges looking for a new place and starting production immediately. In spite of the obstacle, we still are striving to start all over again. We're currently building a production house and are about 70% complete. Unfortunately, we’re unable to proceed due to insufficient budget.  

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  There've been some inquiries from the University Students who're intend in doing their internship in our organization, mainly those majoring in the food industry.  We also have been receiving job applications from the young individuals.  In fact, our company welcome and would be happy to accommodate them an internship placement and offer them employment.  However, we're unable to proceed at this point due to the pending completion of the new production house.  

We aim to help and guide young individuals and university students to accommodate them in any way possible.  Thus, I remembered SIMPLY GIVING has help my niece in our first Charity cause in 2020 and it was success, and I delved into it again for over a month to get much better understanding before I decided to put in this second cause.  We wish in Simply Giving could help us to accomplish our target; mainly to complete the remaining 30% construction works, electricity installation, office fixtures and furniture, and to continue with the certification, which is approximately MYR30,000.  Once successfully completed the aforementioned, we definitely could focus our aim to help and guide young individuals and university students to accommodate them with employment and internship placement.  God's will, Amen.             

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