Personal Challenge

We are reaching out to "EVERYONE" in our extended circle of family, friends (and their friends) and colleagues who are willing to DONATE whatever little they can to support RED CROSS SOCIETY that reaches out to everyone in need globally whether flood/ calamity hit areas, Ebola infested regions, war zones and so on. They help rebuild communities and resurrect faith in life for those who have lost all.Paromita and I shall run for raising awareness on donations and we have an interesting deal ;-) - "We URGE you to donate at least as little as you would spend on a pint of beer anywhere you live and promise to treat you with your favourite beer when you visit us in Singapore". Our personal gratitude to those who wish to DONATE more than that....

My Story

For folks who might know me (Gaurav) would be aware how the Red Cross Society has played a pivotal role in my life, but more importantly in our so very eventful world today,services of RED CROSS touch everyone either directly or indirectly in ways we may never imagine.
I am also sure that most of you'll who read this may have volunteered or donated in cash/ kind/ blood in some point of your life, but here is our fresh appeal to raise greater awareness for their local and global causes and OUR HUMBLE REQUEST TO SUPPORT US WITH WHATEVER POSSIBLE.
If you wish to support us, we are thankful to you beyond words and if not, then we'll come in 6 months.

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    SGD 25 09/12/2015

  • Shaunav Barman Bose

    SGD 10 08/12/2015


    SGD 100 08/12/2015

  • Abhijit Sengupta

    Good cause...

    SGD 50 07/12/2015

  • Anonymous

    SGD 10 07/12/2015

  • shivnath thukral

    congratulations Gaurav & Paromita

    SGD 50 06/12/2015

  • Jovalene

    All the best in your run! Thumbs up for running a meaningful cause!

    SGD 50 04/12/2015

  • James Drumm

    Go Cookie Monster!!

    SGD 50 04/12/2015

  • Nayana Mehta

    Go Paro!! Good luck!!!

    SGD 20 03/12/2015

  • Arpita Biswas

    SGD 50 03/12/2015

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