Our ocean is filled with rubbish, and many sea creatures are dying. Please donate and change your life style to help keep the ocean less polluted.

My Story

I'm turning 6 and I've chosen Ocean (and Mermaid) to be my birthday theme this year. I am a lucky girl with lots of toys at home already, so instead of birthday presents, I hope my family and friends can donate some money to the charity Plastic Free Seas. I would also like to encourage everyone to use less plastic, and if you do, please recycle it. I hope we children will still have a beautiful ocean filled with amazing sea creatures when we grow up. Maybe if the ocean is clean enough, the mermaids will come out from hiding too!

Recent Donors

  • Rotem Schwartz

    Happy birthday Kaylee. Wishing you all the best! With love, Gali

    HKD 100 09/18/2023 10:33:01 AM UTC

  • Helen Kavanagh

    Happy Birthday Kaylee, wishing you a beautiful day celebrating with your friends and family 🎉💕 🧜‍♀️ Love Stella xxx

    HKD 200 09/16/2023 08:33:19 AM UTC

  • Emily KWONG

    Happy birthday to Kaylee

    HKD 300 09/16/2023 05:12:02 AM UTC

  • Courtney Coll

    Happy Birthday - Love George xx

    HKD 200 09/16/2023 04:55:21 AM UTC

  • Joanne Lam

    HKD 300 09/16/2023 04:33:00 AM UTC

  • Trisha Ho

    HKD 300 09/15/2023 10:59:46 AM UTC

  • Victoria Kingsley-Kam

    Happy birthday Kaylee!

    HKD 300 09/15/2023 09:45:37 AM UTC

  • Moxin Chang

    Happy birthday!

    HKD 300 09/15/2023 09:22:11 AM UTC

  • Grandad & Nana

    Happy Birthday, Kaylee. Love from Grandad and Nana x

    HKD 200 09/14/2023 10:59:18 AM UTC

  • Samantha Scully

    Happy birthday Kaylee! Can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you 💜 From one mermaid to the other. Ava

    HKD 200 09/14/2023 08:23:02 AM UTC

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