Personal Challenge

Why am I doing this? So that I can help raise funds for WAO to refurbish their shelter for victims of abuse; for them to have a safe and comfortable space to heal.

My Story

Instead of sharing my story, I would like to share WAO's - how they are making a difference to female victims of violence and what they need to continue doing the good work they've been doing for more than 33 years. After reading their story, I hope more hearts will be open to donate to their meaningful cause. Any amount big or small counts. I thank you in advance for your generous and kind support. xx

Why pledge a donation?
You'll help provide a safe space for abused women to heal. Each RM100 will contribute to more beds, cupboards and other furniture for a growing number of more than 300 women and their children seeking refuge.

WAO has been providing shelter to abused women and children for 33 years; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The population of women seeking help from WAO has increased over the years. As the shelter is aging due to wear and tear in times of high occupancy, WAO needs aid in renovating the shelter to meet the need for more beds and to maximize the current space in order to support the increased capacity.

I am supporting this initiative, and you can too - when you pledge a donation for me for The High Heel Dash! Your donation will make a significant impact on the maintenance of the shelter and ensures a comfortable living space for the women in need.

Recent Donors

  • The Lows

    MYR 150 22/05/2015

  • Ng Sok Yen

    MYR 100 20/05/2015

  • Melodie Hoo

    Check out the logo, it's us in Cambodia!! LOVE YOU!! MISS YOU!!! :D *muacks*

    MYR 100 14/05/2015

  • Chase Lew

    MYR 100 13/05/2015

  • Soofrine Goh

    MYR 50 30/04/2015

  • Jin

    MYR 50 22/04/2015

  • Jessie Low

    Happy to help!

    MYR 100 22/04/2015

  • Jebbrine Goh

    MYR 100 21/04/2015

  • woo yee wan

    MYR 50 21/04/2015

  • Ellen

    MYR 50 21/04/2015

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