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ProCoach Singapore ​will be 4 soon! We started providing tennis lessons for individuals, groups, camps, corporates and schools​ in 2011​. Through these years, we have learnt so much and ​we are so thankful to be able to share our knowledge and skills to ​the ​people ​we have met​. This year, our team​ ​decided to do something special. We want to contribute our service for a good cause. You donate, we coach. All proceeds will ​go to​ ​the ​Singapore Red Cross ​to ​help the vulnerable ​ people​ in our community through​ their​ various local programmes such as FoodAid (Meals with Love), TransportAid ​, Home for the Disable​ and more. ​​We aim to raise $10,000 ​. ​There is no ​limit on the amount ​of​ donation ​, but​ if you donate $80​ or more​, ​we will give you ​2 hour​s​ of enjoyable ​group ​tennis ​workshop in the month of October over weekends​​. ​So, please support us. ​Make a donation​ today​. Your donation will ​help make a difference to the lives of the vulnerable and also help you learn to serve ​a ​beautiful ball. Cheryl Oh ProCoach Singapore

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