Special Occasion

Thank you for joining Amelia, Emma and Cameron at our 4th birthday party! The Lam, Yam, Cam Party!

My Story

In lieu of buying us some birthday gifts, please join us to raise some money to build a book corner for some other little friends.  We will partner with Bring Me A Book to make it happen.  
Thank you very much for your kind donations! 

Love from Amelia, Emma & Cameron

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday Amelia.

    HKD 500 04/05/2016

  • Taylor Chiu

    HKD 1,000 01/05/2016

  • Edmon Chung & Family

    Happy Birthday Cameron! (Love from Reidyn and Kodyn)

    HKD 1,000 01/05/2016

  • Zachary Hui

    Happy birthday Amelia and Cameron! - Zac

    HKD 400 01/05/2016

  • Cheng family

    Happy Birthday Team Ace!!!

    HKD 1,800 01/05/2016

  • The Yeungs

    Happy Birthday Team ACE!

    HKD 2,000 01/05/2016

  • Sadie Chan

    Happy Birthday to Amelia and Emma! Love Sadie

    HKD 1,000 01/05/2016

  • The Yau brothers

    Dear Amelia, We will bring you a small present in addition to this donation because we love presents! Happy birthday :) xoxo, Jeremy, Chase and Lucas

    HKD 700 30/04/2016

  • Philippa Lau

    Happy birthday team ACE!

    HKD 1,500 30/04/2016

  • Yvonne Cheng

    HKD 1,000 28/04/2016

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