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Hi, thank you for visiting my personal fundraising page. Through you can make safe and secure donations to sponsor me. The proceeds of your support are immediately sent directly to my charity. Using this given platform is really simple and most importantly it's also a really cost efficient way for the charity to raise funds. My page allows you to follow my progress; share it with friends; voice encouragement or even join me and get involved yourself! June is my 5th year anniversary in Sulawesi and aiming to raise money for Yayasan Masarang to fund a rescue vehicle for Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre. So far we have raised enough funds every month to feed the wildlife, pay Indonesian staff salaries, repair many things, rescue more wildlife from the illegal trade and build a few new enclosures. This year we wish to strengthen our capabilities with a rescue vehicle, that has been sorely needed for a long time. Notoriously difficult to find a used vehicle that does not have hidden faults in this part of the world, so we are hoping to raise funds for a down-payment on a new pick-up. Please dig deep and donate, every little counts! Simon Purser

Recent Donors

  • Raymond

    Good Luck Tasikoki!

    USD 50 16/07/2014

  • Lucienne

    Hope you get to your target soon! All the best.

    USD 40 15/07/2014

  • Michele Dockrell

    I know how much this vehicle will make a difference here.

    USD 500 15/07/2014

  • George, Roula & Anna Katogiritis

    USD 100 14/07/2014

  • Jack Butler

    Hey Simon, I hope all is well at Tasikoki. And I'm still working on coming back out to Sulawesi sometime soon!

    USD 50 14/07/2014

  • Maree Coulson

    Good luck guys, hope you get the car soon!

    USD 50 14/07/2014

  • Madeleine Nydahl

    Hope all is well with you, Angela and everyone at Tasikoki. Best wishes to you all

    USD 100 14/07/2014

  • Darren

    Keep up all your amazing work - true inspiration!

    USD 100 13/07/2014

  • Anonymous

    USD 100 13/07/2014

  • Matt Newton-Walters

    USD 20 09/07/2014

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