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Vincent Poh - VP Kingdom Pte Ltd

It is really heart-wrenching to know that there are people out there having uncertainty over their next meal. That is the reason why we work tirelessly to ensure the food security that these underprivileged families and elderlies need.

During the Covid19 period as there is little movement everyone can do and business were greatly impact to all the SMEs owners. By chance with a group of Kind-Hearted peoples, we decided to form a team to do something for the Society to “Return Back the Society” providing the community warmth Love, Care and Sharing to them with a token of Food items / Meals donated by Kind—Hearted people and corporate individual.

Currently, we have bulk items of canned foods products (Less than 6 months Expiry) to be donated to the community for these underprivileged families and elderlies needs and also some of the Charity Organizations we are working with for their kitchen cooking for the people’s daily meals. Due to the uprising costs in our operations eg. Logistics Costs, Transportation Costs incurred and to maintain our worthy cause, we are now imploring donors to pour their heart out to donate the supporting funds for our operating costs so that we can continue our missions to the community for the food rations. We hope that your generosity, allows us to ensure that underprivileged families and elderlies will not have empty tables during their meals.

How will it work?
With the bulk continue support of the Food items / Meals by our Kind-Hearted Individuals, We have setup a warehouse for the storage and distributions location in the west and with a team of kind-hearted volunteers and Full-Time Employees to assist us for the Charity works. All these Food items / Meals will be arrange and pack individually to goodies bags for low income 1-2 rooms’ flats, individual families or by bulk quantity to charity organizations who will be our beneficiaries to supply their kitchen for the cooking of daily meals.


All funds raised will go towards our operation of warehouse and transportation as well as basic meals at times for the beneficiaries during the Charity Giveaways events. With your support, we've been able to do just that, but we want to expedite this change. Funding would go a long way in helping to cover operational costs, leaving more time, energy and resources to make a greater impact so that more areas of community we can cover to more underprivileged families and elderlies. 

Fundraising for Love for All Mums on Mother's Day Project

We wish to show our Loves for all Mums on Mother's Day on 08th May 2022. We seek everyone support and kindness to show your little token donation to make this Mother's Loves giveaways to those underprivileged families member in Chinatown areas.

Let's work hand in hand together with our teams of Volunteers to carry out this VP Missions.

Target Missions to giveaways 500 sets of goodies items

Our Cost will involve the followings : -

  • 2 x Canned Food x 5 different types (Per Person) - Budget $4000
  • Drinks (Per Person) - Budget $500
  • Packet food for Meal - Budget $1500
  • Logistics & Transportation - $2000
Total - $8,000 for this Mother's Loves Return back to Society

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