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S.I Home Shelter

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S.I Home Shelter

S.I (Seroja Inn) Home Shelter is a non-profit, independent animal shelter that was founded in 2012 by Muhamad Razeef bin Che Shamah. Located at Shah Alam, Selangor, it is an independent shelter that is not registered under any government bodies or agencies. S.I Home Shelter’s mission is to care for injured and abused animals. It is a shelter that is a strong advocate against animal cruelty. Currently S.I Home Shelter houses more than 400 cats and 12 dogs. Some of them come in paralyzed, infected by viruses (FIP/FIV/FELV/PARVO), and some even carry fungal infections (SPORO). There are also blind cats, three-legged dogs and cats and many other heartbreaking cases housed in the shelter.

The shelter runs solely on donation and the owner's own money. At least RM15,000 a month is needed for the upkeep which includes rent for the three-story units that houses all the cats, utilities, cleaning products, medications, food, litters, and three employees.

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