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Safiah Omar

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Safiah Omar

Hi, I am Autistic and have ADHD. I was diagnosed recently as an adult. Before the diagnosis, I had burnout at the workplace because I am sensitive to certain sensory issues. It was mistakenly seen as depressions and anxiety. I got the treatments with frequent therapies for 3 years. Now with the accurate diagnosis (Autism and ADHD), I have to attend another type of therapies so I can work as normal again as a lecturer at my university. 

Prior to my illness, I am a happy and productive working for the best interest of my students. I am also able to give all my love to my nephews (also Autistic) and niece. But now, I am too worried about this financial burden issue and I am not able to feel normal again. 

I have debts due to this illness = RM 25,000. At the same time I still have incoming cost for my therapies. My Medical Insurance does not cover for illness related to mental health. My target is to clear this current debts that I have, and work harder to pay for my upcoming therapies. I just want to be happy and be myself again. I want to contribute to Academic world as much as possible and educate more people about Mental Health and Neurodiversity.

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