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About Project Upskill

Project Upskill is a social-impact initiative spearheaded by The Hacker Collective to provide competent and affordable tech education to the underserved communities (B40/Refugee groups) here in Malaysia.

Our grand vision is to end educational inequity and to give equal opportunities to the underserved communities to finally step out of the poverty cycle and get in-demand tech jobs without paying a hefty sum for university or bootcamps. Instead of spending RM100,000 per person for 3 years in university before having a chance at a graduate-level job, we’re building a new education model at 25% of the amount to fund 30 students for quality education in tech.

Our goal for this very first batch is to be able to provide the most conducive learning environment to 30 strong-willed and self-motivated individuals, to join the programme and match at least 70% of them to real jobs in technology, thus launching their career in tech and bringing them out of the poverty cycle, with huge hopes for our graduates to go out and inspire people within their communities.
Ideally, we can hire them in-house to work on real-world projects, and have them mentor future batches and grow the movement.

We are currently in talks with refugee organisations, refugee community leaders, B40 communities in KL, refugee schools. Please help us make this happen! We believe it will positively impact them tremendously.

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Breakdown Of Costs

Startup Costs
1. Used laptops 
RM500/laptop * 30 laptops = RM15000

2. Projector 

3. Furnitures

4. Rent (Deposit)
RM3000/month * 2 months = RM6000

5. Utilities (Wifi, Electricity, Water)


Supplementary Costs
1. Lunch - RM8/day * 30 students * 20 days = RM4800/month

2. Transportation  - RM100 (unlimited lrt pass monthly) * 30 students = RM3000/month



As you can see, we do not take a cut for managing the operations of Project Upskill. These costs are solely for the benefit of the students from underserved communities and we’re hoping to be able to cover up the first batch’s costs with the help of the kind people on SimplyGiving.

How It Works

Location: Pinnacle PJ (3 minutes walk from Asia Jaya LRT station)

Time: Every weekday, 1pm - 6pm.

  • Month 1: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript
  • Month 2: Algorithmic Thinking, VueJS, Git, Github
  • Month 3: Nodejs, Expressjs, Mongodb, Mongoose
  • Month 4: Full-Stack Team Project, Heroku
  • Month 5 onwards: Real-world Project Matching

What Is Included

  • Pathforge: A social-learning portal.
  • 3 on-site mentors (our in-house development team at The Hacker Collective).
  • Networking Opportunities.
  • Full Stack Curriculum.
  • Access to real-world projects.
  • Lunch (Halal).
  • Laptops.
  • Fast Wifi.
  • Co-working Space
  • Transportation Costs.

We sincerely thank all of you in advance for taking an interest in our journey.

Project Upskill is very close to our hearts and it would mean the world for us to make this happen.

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