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Nur Farahiyah Jazilah Abd Rahman - for SOLS HEALTH

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Nur Farahiyah Jazilah Abd Rahman - for SOLS HEALTH

Hello! We are a group of psychology students from Sunway University and we are campaigning for a fundraiser under SOLS Health.

The pandemic has greatly impacted lives in many ways, especially economically. In Malaysia, it has turned the economy into a disastrous state which resulted in a high rate of unemployment in the country. This created an increase in mental health issues amongst the individuals due to income and job disruptions. For this reason we have decided to assist SOLS Health to raise funds to help provide affordable mental health services for those in need of support and therapy.

SOLS Health is a renowned community-based centre for mental health care based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This organisation's main goal is to provide accessible and affordable mental health care to the community and combating the stigma surrounding mental health in Malaysia. SOLS Health strongly believes that good mental health greatly impacts physical health, personal well-being as well as life quality. With that being said, this emphasizes on the importance of mental health.

We hope that with your support we are able to reach the goal to help one another, as we can only rise by lifting others.

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