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Neil Jake Aguilar

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Neil Jake Aguilar

Hi everyone,
I may be a stranger to you but I hope I will be able to impress this story in your today. My mother, Sophie, 63 years old is battling Cervical Cancer right now. 
She was diagnosed last December 2023 and was rushed to emergency after she experienced difficulty in breathing and was found to have pneumonia, thus her chemotherapy had put to a halt.
Fortunately, she responded well to medications given for pneumonia however, a low O2 level was still observed resulting to a prolonged hospital stay. 

After one month, the oncologist wrote in the diagnosis that the Cervical CA metastasized to the lung. 
Currently, we are facing financial difficulty due to prolonged stay so the funds that are supposed for chemotherapy and radiation have been used already. 

Right now, I would like to knock on everyone's heart to pray and support us through this battle. 
We will surely be forever grateful to you.


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