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Nayla Ariwibowo

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Nayla Ariwibowo

COVID-19 has hit Jakarta, Indonesia very hard in the past few months. Over the next month we will be renovating the library and building a study room at the orphanage, "Panti Asuhan Muhammadiyah". While students around the world are able to learn from home using laptops and in the comfort of their rooms, these kids do not have the resources to do so. Most of these kids are in grade/primary school and middle school, stages where education is absolutely essential. In Jakarta, due to the lack of infrastructure and adequate healthcare system, remote learning may continue until December. Therefore it is extremely important to create a comfortable and adequate environment for these kids to study. We will be building book shelves and do a complete reorganisation. Moreover, we will repaint all the walls and windows. We will build a study room to make full use of the space and create a bright and clean area for learning. We will be adding brand new desks and chairs as well! Moreover, to promote creativity we will add interactive games and colourful decor! We will also be adding brand new Huawei Tablets as the tablets they have are run-down and old. We will also be buying more books especially geared for kids in grade school. Furthermore, we will also be donating food supplies such as rice and instant noodles. Please donate as much as you can because all excess will go to buying more food supplies! During a world wide pandemic, every student must adjust to the new changes, so help us ensure that these kids are best equipped to continue their education! 

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