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Lee Zhi Ying

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Lee Zhi Ying

How we're giving back:
1. Our target is to raise RM 5000 to buy small gifts such as sweets and writing well-wishing cards to give a motivational boost to the frontliners at Sungai Buloh hospital. 

2. As citizens who want to make good use of yourselves, how would YOU give back to the people who have taken care of us so much to the point their mental health deteriorates? 
Just imagine, when we're staying at home comfortably with our families, while the frontliners are out there helping us fight the deadly virus day and night. Hundreds of thousands of health workers died around the world because of our recklessness.

Every cent counts! Our frontliners work day and night to quell the monster that is the virus. Donate at our fundraiser and help us achieve our goal!

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