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Jackie Douglas

Yesterday, I walked the whiteshirtwalk with so many of you. It was touching to see how our community rapidly came together to support our friends affected by the DBMC announcement. 

People are asking how they can help. So I approached the marina group for permission and have volunteered to raise funds they can utilise in their fight to save this piece of our community. 

What’s happening:
Discovery Bay Marina Club has been a long time part of the greater Discovery Bay community. Many of us have good friends, with families, that spend most of the time in the marina.

As you maybe aware, there was a sudden notice of the termination of debentures, club membership and therefore eviction of the Discovery Bay Marina club boat owners, and their families. 

This has caused complete devastation within our close knit community of Discovery Bay, and Hong Kong. For those not directly impacted, our feelings of disgust at the situation cannot even compare to the shock and life changing devastation that the boat owners and families themselves are experiencing.  

The communities’ thoughts and words of support have been overwhelming, but now many of us outside this immediate crisis would like to help further.  Many have said they want to help them fund the campaign to have HK Resorts International and the Discovery Bay Marina Club reconsider their action. Let's stand together as a unified front and support them in their campaign to stand up for their and our rights within Discovery Bay. 

We have been in contact with the Marina club families and with their permission, we are launching this gofundme account for supporting them in this struggle. If you feel you cannot support them in any other way then this is your chance to do something tangible to help.  

Use of the funds: 

Funds would be made available at the request of the DBMC members working groups to support the approved:
Media campaigns
Legal initiatives
Contingency investigations

Today it’s the place they stay, their life savings and we want to help them avoid the financial ruin that many are facing.  It may be the Marina this month but who knows what other plans are being hatched to change our community beyond recognition. It is our moment to take a stand and support our friends.


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