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Flower Power

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Flower Power

Who are we?
FlowerPower is a new non-profit that aims to repurpose flowers after wedding/events and deliver them to less well-off individuals and communities.  

Our aim is to bring joy and positive energy to the community by repurposing flowers from large events e.g. weddings or corporate functions. We collect flowers, repackage them into mini-bouquets and deliver them to those who need it most (e.g. nursing homes, women's shelters and disadvantaged communities), thereby enhancing mental wellness as well as reducing waste.

This idea has been successful in other countries and we wanted to start something like this in Singapore too!

Why flowers? 
Flowers are important in enhancing mental wellness. We all know that flowers naturally bring positive energy: they look pretty, smell good and they brighten our physical environment, making us feel more comfortable. However, flowers actually operate on a deeper brain chemical level too! Studies have shown that flowers increase levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain - which are the exact same chemicals targeted by antidepressants. 
There is also evidence that flowers reduce anxiety, encourage social interaction and improve memory function. Historically, they have been a symbol of love and affection, and flowers trigger these happy memories. Furthermore, flowers facilitate a reconnection with nature in today’s increasingly disconnected society.

How will it work?
We have teamed up with a number of hotels around Singapore to keep us informed of events, as well as charity organisations who will be our beneficiaries.

Check out our website at for more details!
FlowerPower is focused on minimising costs. All funds raised will go towards the cost of transport for volunteers to collect flowers after events and to deliver them to beneficiaries the next day, as well as some basic necessities to make and decorate our repurposed flower bouquets. 

We are aiming to raise $2000. This will pay for supplies and enable us to attend an estimate of 25-30 events.

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