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Dorothy Gabriel

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Dorothy Gabriel

Why South Korea? Actually I've planned this out since last year and have collected my own fund. But due to unexpected family circumstances, my fund are used to help my family out, thus is currently depleting and this is the reason for my fundraising. 

South Korea is my favourite country due to the culture and the food and it is in my bucket list of place I want to travel to. I started gaining interest on South Korea during my study time somewhere in 2006, this is when I started watching Kdrama and from there on I started listening to Kpop and watching Korean variety tv as well. 

From watching all of these, I've come across a Korean travel variety show called 2 Days 1 Night and this is where I started dreaming of going to Korea. 2 Days 1 Night has introduce me to a lot of great and beautiful places in South Korea and it also introduce me to a lot of delicious traditional Korean cuisine witch include as my favourite Kimchi and Japchae, I've tried making my own kimchi at home and I'm proud to say that I think it went great. So I think it would be great if I can go to the country itself and try out eating the real thing to compare it to what I've made and along the way learning more about Korean food and how to make them. 

This trip also will be my self discovery trip as I've turned 30 this year and for the past 30 years I've never actually been on any vacation like this, all I did is work and try to fit to what others have expected of me and moulded me into, to the point I fell in to depression, doubting myself and I feel useless. But last year I decided that this year when I turn 30, I will try to do something for myself and focusing on me, so this is where this South Korea trip come about. In a way this is a part of my mental healing journey as well.

This year I decided to find myself, I've decided to quit my job and start blogging and doing reviews Korean Beauty product, beside doing a little side business that also have to do with Korean Beauty Product, so this trip is not solely just to have fun but also to learn and gain knowledge as well as collecting material for my blog. I've also taken an interest in photography but I'm still a beginner. I'll be visiting South Korea during Autumn this year so I am hoping to get a lot of beautiful scenery picture. 

So through this campaign I am hoping to gain enough fund for my Korea Trip where my flight to Busan, South Korea will be on the 27th Sept 2018. That is around 9 days to go, I've settle the flight ticket and the accommodation, but due to unexpected family needs, I have to usemy previous saving to help my family, so I still need fund for pocket money and for land transportation as well as food.

So please give any amount you can give even the smallest amount will help me out so much. Thank you for those who've contributed and who've couldn't just send me your prayer so I may travel safely. May one day I can do the same to those who needed to travel just like me.

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