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Seventh-Day Adventist Corporation

A little over 10 years ago, a small Seventh-Day Adventist church in Klang, Malaysia had its last Sabbath church service.

A few things led up to the decision to close, but whatever happened was a blur and barely can we remember the actual happenings that led to its closure.

However, what we know is that the apparent failure of a small church nurtured a pastor, a pastor’s wife, 2 faithful brothers serving in ministry, a mother and her three daughters, along with the countless great memories from the children and teenagers that grew up in its Adventurers and Pathfinders program.

Fast forward about 10 years, and a group of church members from a nearby church felt convicted that they should start a church re-plant in Klang to better serve the Klang community.

After much prayer, consideration and planning, the initial group of 20+ church members started congregating and worshiping in the seminar room of a church member’s office space with the plan of looking around for an ideal piece of property to build a permanent church.

After 3 full years of looking around with futile visits to tens of locations. Finally! It was amidst the Covid-19 pandemic while the economy around the world tanked that God led us to the piece of property that he had in store for us – an old, three story shop lot nearby a public high school, an elementary school, an upper middle-class residential area, and the Klang city center.

Its location makes it ideal for city evangelism and we also have plans to start a vegan restaurant on the ground floor.

To continue the work that was started more than 10 years ago in Klang, we need USD 325,000 or RM 1.3 million to purchase the shop lot and to renovate the old building. As of December 14th 2020, God has blessed us with ~USD 232,000 and we need your support ot help us meet our target of USD 325,000.

Many of us can’t wait to be able to go on overseas mission trips again after the pandemic, but here you have a wonderful opportunity to continue furthering the work of God in foreign mission fields with the amount that God has impressed upon your heart to give.


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