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Hey there! I like meat. A lot. Way too much for my own good. But I'm willing to GO VEGETARIAN FOR A MONTH (!!!!!) if you help me reach my raise RM10,000 for AnimalCare Society Petaling Selangor. AnimalCare is a charity that promotes caregiving to stray animals and helps in their spay-neuter and medical needs. It has panel veterinarians in several locations in the Klang Valley. The spay-neuter and medical treatment of stray animals are sponsored/subsidised from the AnimalCare Fund. Why did I choose this charity? I grew up with stray cats and shelter dogs as pets, and each of them has brought immense joy and great company to me. This is the least that I can do to honour their memory, not to mention that being vegetarian is an animal-friendly way of life. What do you get out of this donation? Well, if you're evil you will be most welcome to eat meat dishes in front of me and watch me suffer, one drop of saliva after another. Just don't blame me if you become a vegetarian instead. :-) So remember the DDDs (no, this is not a bra size -_-"): 1. Dig hard 2. Dig deep 3. Donate! Every single sen and ringgit counts! - Leona Liman - P/S: Closing date for donations is 28th October 2011 :-)

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    good luck

    MYR 150 07/09/2011

  • boi

    MYR 10 05/09/2011

  • Gracie

    jia yuo jia yuo!!

    MYR 25 05/09/2011

  • Jerry~ promised...

    MYR 20 17/08/2011

  • T Y Lee

    Wonderful show of compassion and determination! Keep it up!

    MYR 100 17/08/2011

  • Angie

    Animal Care Rocks!good job Leo..! ;)

    MYR 50 16/08/2011

  • Daria M


    MYR 50 16/08/2011

  • Nieza

    go, girl! go vegetarian! :D

    MYR 25 02/08/2011

  • Ming Jian

    Awww... Such dedication... I wish you well =D

    MYR 25 28/07/2011

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