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Youth Entrepreneurship Program

  • 08/11/2017 - 31/03/2018
  • Malaysia
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Please join us by investing in a youth participating in our upcoming Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) which is happening this December for 3 months. We will be hosting 30 underprivileged Youths from various Homes/Orphanages and centers to attend this 3 months live-in intensive program.  

Your contribution will help towards the running costs and more for the entire program. The entire program will be provided free of charge to the participants as we want them to commit and stay focused on learning and gaining knowledge.

We aim to achieve a proposed minimum investment amount of RM8,800 per youth which will cover the following costs throughout the period of 3 months (but we will take any donated amount):-

  • Program Operational and Training Materials (approximately RM3,000)
  • Accommodation (approximately RM700)
  • Living Expenses (approximately RM1,500)
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner @ RM2,100)
  • Seed Capital to start their own online business (approximately RM1,500)

Every ringgit counts. Your contribution to this program will forge this positive impact to the lives of these youths.

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About Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP).

Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) is designed to create a structure that supports both the youths and their welfare homes in becoming self-sustaining. We aim to help transform the landscape of social welfare, from one of handouts, to one of sustainable community care - where community children rise to lead and serve the communities they come from. 

Through 3 months of core modules leading up to the pitching day (referred to as Giant’s Pit), participants will be taught on how to build an online business via a selected platform and they will be trained on how to increasingly improve their online business skills. YEP accepts applications from under-privilege youths aged 18 and above, disregarding their educational or family background. Though there are no quantifiable requirements, it is catered to under-privilege, under poverty line, orphans and youths that are dependent on social welfare, who are ready to uphold a high standard of commitment and stay focused in order to optimize the YEP experience.

This initiative will impact the local population of under-served youths which is aligned with the Malaysian Government’s strong commitment to increase homegrown entrepreneurs. Sponsors and Partners will be able to use this opportunity to:- 

  • Include this activity as part of the EES Narrative Statement required for Bursa Saham listed companies.
  • Create positive social impact while gaining marketing mileage. 
  • Engage your employees into this cause to encourage them to be responsible corporate citizens while developing leadership and mentorship skills. This translates into better leaders and managers for the company.
  • Gain access to a talent pool of driven students equipped with entrepreneurial skills for internship or permanent employment consideration.

This 3-month program will commence from 6 December 2017 to 10 March 2018.

In summary, YEP is a 3 month entrepreneurship program designed specifically to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in under-privilege youths and equip them with essential business and life skills so that they can become independent and self-sustainable members in society, and in time contribute back to their community. Your contribution to this program will forge this positive impact to the lives of these youths