Fundraising Event

Around The Island Race 2016

  • 31/10/2016 - 30/11/2016
  • Hong Kong
HKD 2,200
2% Complete
Target : HKD 100,000

About Event


In honor of the ocean, for this year's Around The Island Race, we are excited to be hosting the "ERG......" Relay Race around the Island and also a fundraising drive for our designated race charity, Ocean Recovery Alliance (ORA). We hope your team can help to raise the much needed funds in support of their continual work on ocean protection.  

You can easily create a fundraising page on this online fundraising platform, and share your page link with your friends and supporters and invite them to donate. Click on "Start Fundraising" button above to set up your fundraising page today.

Some of Ocean Recovery Alliance's projects include the "Grate Art" program. This just received approval from the government for the installation of ceramic plaques on the streets of the Southern District to remind people not to dump into storm drains, as they drain to the sea.  

They have also written a play for children around the world to remember to recycle and use better waste management. "Uncle Roo - the Recycling Rooster" reminds children to recycle using "Eco-Repetition" via the daily sound of the rooster.

Their Global Alert platform/app allows you to report on trash hotspots anywhere in the world's waterways and coastlines. 

Pictures on some of ORA's work are shown in the Gallery section below.

Ways To Support

DONATE - Click on "Donate Now" (above) to give towards supporting Ocean Recovery Alliance's work.

FUNDRAISE - You can also create your fundraising page; upload profile photo and include a short message. Invite friends to support by donating to your page. Click on “Start Fundraising” (above) to create your fundraising page in just a few simple steps!

Go the extra mile and be a champion for the ocean!